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What is Venus?

Venus is scrypt based Cryptocurrency. Having total supply of 2722865353 with 20% POS (Proof of Stake), Venus Verbal Timestamp is “What Happens if Singapore Regulates Bitcoin in LongTerm”.

Venus is integrated in social network called Broomstickk for giving reward to content creators, Artists. And its unique grid makes storage of media & data possible.

Built on the idea that your money should be free

Alternative to traditional banking, which is easy to access, anytime and anywhere in the world

Venus network has been designed to be excellent for quick money transfers.

High-performance algorithm and encryption technology with compliance to laws and regulations.


Broomstickk is a content sharing platform based on the blockchain technology Provide incentives for content providers and communicators. We will form our own community, and have an independent currency Venus


Mission & Vision

Broomstickk aims to be the leading video & data sharing social networking website. We want to decentralize video & blog content to give value to creators and contributors using Venus underlying blockchain & Grid based Nodes.

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