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Venus ICO started

New Currency of Broomstickk


Soft cap: 9.1 M
Hard cap: 45.1 M

VFor Venus, the blockchain is an opportunity. Blockchain unique to the central, high security, privacy protection features and P2P technology together, you can create a new world, the advantages that blockchain technology can bring, such as the absence of a central organization’s control, high security, anonymity, User full control and so on.


Venus is new Currency of Broomstickk

Roadmap - Timeline

  1. Announcement to existing users of Broomstickk & Backup of Data
    >> 1 Month

  2. Venus Masternodes & grids creation for Broomstickk
    >> 3 Month

  3. Development of GRID & API
    >> 4 Month
  4. Implementation & testing of GRID & API
    >> 2 Month
  5. Consensus algorithm creation for users voting
    >> 2 Month
  6. Integration of everything and Beta release of Broomstickk
    >> 6 Month
  7. Beta of Broomstickk Platform
    >> 2 Months
  8. Feedback & improvements
    >> 1 Month
  9. Bug Bounty Announcement
    >> 2 Month
  10. Final Broomstickk Release
    >> 2 Month

Venus Distribution


ICO Participants


Core Teams


Campaings & Bounties


Adivsors, Partners & Third Parties

FFlexible and diverse ways to benefit the system will be rewarded to high-quality content providers, in addition, also allows a variety of benefit models, such as reward, price sales and so on. For different scenarios can set a different payment, which is one of our core competitiveness.

Venus is new Currency of Broomstickk

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Dhaval Laheri

Founder, CEO

Bhavisha Meghani


SaifAllah benMassaoud

Director IT Systems, Networks and Cyber Security

Olivia Olukoya

Chief Editor & Community Management

Bilal Hashmi

Business Development Head

John Paul

Chief Editor & Community Management

Ameer Hamza

Blockchain Developer

Amaan Irani

Blockchain Developer

Waleed Bin Sayed Ahmed

Blockchain Developer

Alexander Flores Villarroel

Blockchain Developer

Viktoriia Stoun

UI/UX Engnineer

Shaikh Altamas

System Engineer

Vladlena Dankovceva

PR and Strategist

Lucia Hermandez

PR and Strategist

Oriana Palacios


Maria Chavez

Sales & Marketing

Abd el Aziz Channoufi

Sales & Marketing

David Legrand

Sales & Marketing

Radu Popescu

Sales & Marketing

Ahmed Khouja

Sales & Marketing

Loana Craciun

Admin & HR

Avigail Cohen

Creative Designer

Kinga Heinrich

Social Media Marketing

Maaz Baiz

Marketing Manager


Carlo Buonpane

Crypto Advisor

Boris Otonicar

Blockchain Advisor

Oti Edema


Riyadul Islam


Peter Schneider


Teekay Tochukwu Kennedy.M.

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